Sleepers from the manufacturer

The company Shpalazavod offers you impregnated railway sleepers, sets of translated beams and other materials of the upper track structure for the railways of Russia and the countries of the world. We produce impregnated sleepers , sets of bridge and transverse beams. The company Shpalazavod also supplies VSP materials for the repair of railway and crane tracks to industrial enterprises, dead ends, and bases with access roads.

Key Benefits of Impregnated Sleepers

  • Wooden sleepers are almost insensitive to temperature changes;

  • They are easy to handle;

  • Impregnated sleepers are elastic, have high dielectric properties;
  • Wooden sleepers stand out for their good grip with ballast;
  • The light weight of wooden sleepers makes repairing the track easier;
  • The service life of soaked sleepers is from 10 to 40 years.


Quality wooden sleepers.

Shpalazavod PC produces sleepers and timber for turnouts from first-rate softwood of the Ural District of Russia according to GOST 78-2004 and GOST 8816-2014. The wooden railway sleepers we produce have advantages over their analogues — elasticity, good adhesion to ballast ballast, ease of processing, high dielectric properties, and low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations.

Our price list contains the following materials of the superstructure (VSP materials):

  • railway sleepers impregnated with creosote GOST 78-2004
  • bar impregnated for turnouts GOST 8816-70

Impregnation and processing of sleepers

Blanks to prevent rotting are impregnated with waterproofing compounds and antiseptics. The bars are processed according to the V-D-V technology (vacuum-pressure-vacuum), during which they are subjected to multi-stage processing using drying chambers, autoclaves, steam boilers, etc. These measures minimize the moisture of the tree and give a deep and even impregnation.

Thanks to this multi-stage processing, sleepers retain their performance for 20 years or more.


PC Shpalazavod - the largest producer of sleepers

The company Shpalazavod is engaged in the sale of sleepers of its own production and building materials. Thanks to our 15 years of experience, highly qualified specialists and the availability of modern equipment, we are considered a reliable supplier.


Advantages of Shpalazavod

  • Purchase of sleepers and sets of bars at the manufacturer's price.
  • Environmental friendliness. Using quality raw materials and proven technology. Our products comply with all necessary sanitary and hygienic norms and standards accepted in Russia and the world. All materials pass the necessary quality control.
  • Possibility of manufacturing products to order. On high-tech equipment, we can produce sleepers and sets of bars on request and soak them using autoclave technology.
  • Fast delivery of products. Proven Logistics. We will deliver your order by sea, land, air to any corner of the world.
  • Extensive Geography. We work with more than 75 cities throughout Russia and the world.
  • High trust of partners. Shpalazavod PC has established itself as a reliable supplier and partner of enterprises in the Middle Urals and Russia. For many years we have been suppliers of sleeper products to such plants as: Uchalinsky Mining and Processing Plant, ZhSK Etalon M, Mostotrest, ZAO Uralstroischeben, PK Sukholozhskcement, TATstalkomplekt, Sredneuralskiy smelter, industrial enterprises of railway transport, Sverdlovsk, Kuibyshevskaya, Severokavkaz, Severokavkaz South Ural, Southeast, Kaliningrad railways and many other organizations.